Making Innovation happen – that is the principial Raoul is following in his professional career.

As CEO of Heidelberg Startup Partners and Startup-manager of Heidelberg University Raoul has the responsibility to give young entrepreneurs the right environment to create meaningful business (models) and get started with them. His expertise is especially in the very early phase of startups. He supports bright minds, who just have an idea, to develop real innovations. To do so he does a lot of personal mentoring, but also works as a lecturer for Heidelberg University, responsible for most entrepreneurial lectures, workshops and courses. Additionally he organises many different events, from Startup Weekends and Hackathons, to Fireside Chats and the Founders BBQ ‘Zünder für Gründer’.

As a certified Startup Weekend Facilitator and experienced lecturer at Heidelberg University he is an experienced moderator and facilitator.